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Custom Glass Projects in Long Beach, California

Special Projects
There aren't many questions we have not been asked in our nearly 40 years in Long Beach's glass business ... and there are not many glass, mirror, screen or window applications we've never seen!

We pride ourselves on being "go to" guys for contractors, DIY (do it yourself) people and ordinary folks with glass, mirror, screen or wood working needs. We have a full wood shop within our glass shop in Long Beach, which makes it easy for us to help with special needs!

We're here five days a week (including Saturdays) and almost always available for consultation by phone , 24-7.

There are no jobs too small for us ... and no questions too silly (well, almost no questions too silly!).

And we specialize in "right now".
Special Project Screens - Screens in Long Beach, CA
Here are just a few examples of "special project" work handled through our shop in the past few months:

  • Dog Doors & a Cat Door, too!
  • Memorabilia boxes: protect treasures (or trash) ... with wood and glass solutions
  • Framing that "first $1" ... no need to spend hundreds to frame the first dollar!
  • Special over-sized animal cages, terrariums, aquariums and more.
  • Foundation vents and other "crawlspace" applications ...
  • Car mirrors, for every model you can imagine. From Bugs to Bugati's, we can measure your broken car mirror, make a template, and get you back on the road in minutes. Legally.
  • Wedding centerpieces, using mirrors and glass.
  • Mirrors for holiday flowers/arrangements
  • Plastic shield for a drummer's area (!)
  • Framing of precious album covers, book jackets, posters and the like ...
  • We turned an antique baby carriage into a display project for small dolls, with a special glass treatment
  • Window treatments/glass to reduce noise on a very busy street
  • Special glass for an art exhibition
  • We can take windows out for that over-sized couch delivery - and put them it right back in. We can be your very best friend in the middle of a difficult "move"!
  • We often do the same sort of thing to support movie or TV commercial production ... with countless other special glass projects for production people.
Custom Mirror Project - Mirrors in Long Beach, CA
Delivery of a Custom Mirror Project - Mirrors in Long Beach, CA
Just call us and ask, and we'll either help you -- guide you -- or point you in the direction of a friend who can help!
Are you a collector? Hummels®, thimbles, pocket knives and more ... they all deserve a special spot where they can be shown!

Here are two examples of glass projects we did recently for collectors. One houses an antique pocketknife collection, and will be set into the wall of the home. We configured the wood and the glass. The second project is similar, but has a glass door to protect the collectibles inside. We built it from scratch ... design, wood, glass, assembly and stain.

Whatever your need, we can probably help. Give us a call ... we love this kind of project!
Custom Vanity Mirror Project - Mirrors in Long Beach, CA
Custom collection glass cabinet - Plexi-Glass in Long Beach, CA