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Glass Tabletop and Furniture Tops in Long Beach, California

Table Tops and Glass Furniture Tops
At Fast Glass, we are known for many kinds of glass furniture covering and table top work. We're the glass guys that antique dealers and antique lovers in Long Beach, Orange County and Los Angeles trust with fine wood pieces that need protection.
Most importantly - we can usually get it or do it FAST -- often same day ... and less expensively than most suppliers.

We are experts at pattern cutting, cutting (and polishing) glass to fit special configurations like:

  • antique dressers, desks or armoires
  • specially carved tables or furniture
  • intricate or special wood furniture tops or carvings
Coffee Table Project - Tabletops in Long Beach, CA
Finished coffee table project - Tabletops in Long Beach, CA
We can handle table tops and pattern cutting of special furniture glass in three ways:

  • You can bring the object to us -- we'll make a template, and cut and polish the glass to fit -- while you wait!
  • We can come to your home or office to measure and make a template ... then deliver when the glass is completed.
  • You can bring us a template (don't worry, we'll teach you how to do it and even give you the right paper!). We'll cut and polish the glass, and you can take it home with you.

It really depends upon your situation -- and we'll work with you to make it cost effective, and quick!
Mirror table top - Tabletops in Long Beach, CA
We can also hand-cut glass or mirror to fit your extra long, extra wide, or other special furniture/table top. We can come out and measure, then deliver finished product. Or, you can bring the object's dimension needs to us in person or by phone, and we'll cut and polish it right "in shop" for you. You're welcome to watch (and you can save delivery charges if it fits in your car or truck). Safety Glass or beveling takes an extra day or two for processing.

If you're looking for glass coverings for an office or business, we can help! We handle "one or two" for the desk and credenzas ... or tabletops/glass furniture tops for an entire office of many people! Cutting special shapes or holes to fit computer or other power cords is just a small part of what we do.
Protecting your investment in wood and other furniture is important. Custom glass tabletops and furniture tops help protect the wood, ease cleanup, and improve the look in your home. They can add elegance to all kinds of furniture.

And, we ship tabletops and more to Catalina Island! Give us a call if we can help with yours!
Glass table top for Cutting - Tabletops in Long Beach, CA