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Window Screen Replacement in Long Beach, California

Window Screens Replacement - Screens in Long Beach, CA
Whether it's one screen on a Craftsman home, or a hundred screens for an apartment building in Long Beach -- at Fast Glass, we're a great source for screen fabrication and repair.

It's not just about aesthetics with good screens. It's about air flow, and about keeping bugs out of your home, and about health (especially as West Nile and other virus issues threaten Southern California residents). Sometimes, it's about the law.

Many customers bring old screens or screen dimensions to us at the shop, and we're able to re-screen "while you wait" or return new screens later in the day. This is a very cost effective way to look after torn, bent or tattered screens - especially if you can install them yourself.
Other customers have us visit the premises to measure and then install multiple door and window screens at one or more properties (service call applies).

You'll find our prices very competitive, and our service speed lives up to our name. Most screen jobs are completed same day - or next day - if not "while you wait".

We offer white, silver or bronze aluminum screens, with silver gray and charcoal mesh, in stock. Special colors are also available by special order.

At Fast Glass, we are one of the few shops that makes wood screens for Craftsman and other older homes -- it's a beautiful look, and an end product with integrity. We also screen Craftsman doors.

We can screen odd shapes and sizes. You'll see an interesting five sided screen on our Facebook page.

And we even make screens for special projects -- like the local market that uses Fast Glass screens to dry its legendary beef jerky!

If you're a property manager or rental property owner, we can help make sure your screens are up to code, quickly. If you're a homeowner, well, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the great prices and rapid service you can count on from Fast Glass.
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