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Commercial Glass Replacement in Long Beach, California

Commercial Work
Commercial establishments have special needs -- and we've proudly cared for Long Beach businesses for nearly 40 years! We're fast, we're cost effective - and we pay attention to "what matters most" to business owners and managers.
When your establishment's been broken into, we're the guys you want to know. We answer the phone 24/7. And, because we are local to Long Beach, we can usually get to you very quickly. If your broken door or window requires Tempered Glass, that takes a day or so for manufacture. We can board up your premises, or refer you to another board up company...then return for glass installation as soon as it's delivered.
Often, we can simply replace your broken glass (door or window) the same day or evening, avoiding the costs and drama of board up services. Either way, we'll work with you (and often, the Police and/or HazMat) to make sure your premises are secured and safe.We know that most organizations want to minimize interruption to the business -- and we'll do all we can to get you cleaned up and made right - before the customers ask "what happened?"
Broken glass in an Insurance Company - Glass Replacement in Long Beach, CA
We support graffiti cleanup efforts in Long Beach and elsewhere, and offer special discounts for Graffiti glass replacement.

In addition to storefront replacement and other window repair or replacement, we also offer special services for many local restaurants and retail stores. Please remember us when you need:
  • Tabletops, custom measured and cut - or stock sizes.
  • Mirrors for restaurants and bars - for beauty and barber shops and more.
  • Display Cases -- manufactured, repaired or replaced.
  • Shelving, with glass applications.
  • And, just about anything else that needs Glass, Mirror or Screen installed or taken away.

We've topped thousands of Long Beach area business tables, desks, book cases and other furniture over the years. Whether it's standard sizing, or custom template cutting ... we can help. And, we'll make it fast and cost effective.


Upon request.
Broken glass in a Pizza Parlor - Glass Repair in Long Beach, CA
Glass Door Replacement in a Cafe - Glass Replacement in Long Beach, CA
Billing may be available for qualified customers, new and old. We also accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard and ATM. Corporate checks are welcome.
References are available as needed.
When Long Beach businesses experience crime, violence, weather or other emergency glass issues, we're usually their second call (right after the police). Securing the premises is critical... and doing it before customers and others find it unsettling is important, too.

Did you know that we can often help you avoid the costs and hassle of board up and return with same-day glass solutions? Did you know that we can replace almost any storefront door right away?
Broken Glass in a Computer Service Shop - Glass Repair in Long Beach, CA