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wE WORK ON OLDER HOMES in Long Beach, California

Restoration Work
Our real passion is glass/window restoration work on older homes. Craftsman, Victorian, Queen Anne, Spanish Colonials, Tudor and even Cliff May Homes are our specialty. We understand architectural significance - and honor it. We've worked on many of the older homes of Long Beach, and can provide references from satisfied customers with homes from just about any era - in any part of town.
Got old windows that are stuck - painted or otherwise?
We're your guys. We'll make them go up and down again ... for less money than you'd imagine!
Got windows that won't stay up once you open them?
We're your guys. We reopen sashes and make them right again.
Need replacement windows for an old home?
We're your guys. We're expert in the lost art of re-puttying and re-glazing. We use hammer, chisel, a putty knife -- and strong hand muscles. We can handle one window that needs our touch, or whole homes that are ready for window replacement and reputtying. Ask about special pricing for off-season re-putty jobs!
Need old rolled glass, or antique glass?
Let us know what you're looking for. If we don't have it in the shop, we'll give you some suggestions.
Stuck Up Window - Window Repair in Long Beach, CA
Broken Glass of an Antique Door - Glass Replacement in Long Beach, CA
Want those interior cabinet faces turned from plain old run down fronts to beautiful glass?
We're your guys for that, too ... come see the selection!
We love your old home as much as you do ... inside and out!
Old homes have character. Sometimes that means things are slightly 'out of square', as with the front window on this historic Craftsman home. It's been there since the 1920's, and the porch tilts just slightly to the left. Untrained eyes don't even see it ... it's a beautiful home. It just happened to have a front window broken by a stray ball!
No worries ... we were able to see the situation as soon as we arrived, and compensated by hand cutting glass to fit the window's exact dimensions, on the scene. We were also able to preserve the original moldings.

We specialize in historic homes, and hope you'll call the next time you need help with windows, doors, screens or more!
Old Structured House - Break In Repair in Long Beach, CA